Creating a Culture of Innovation

MedFire Innovations has developed a network of creative and innovative experts to help your ideas become reality. We have created a Culture of Innovation by sharing ideas and concepts within this network of biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, to manufacturers, packaging experts, technical and regulatory specialists, and finally sales and marketing professionals, all with one goal in mind – To Bring Innovation To Life.

MedFire helps transform ideas into safe, profitable, and innovative devices and products through a rapid and systematic design process. We can provide a broad range of services to support medical device development, which includes Class I, Class II, and Class III devices. Whether you are seeking to improve an existing device or to develop a completely new device, we are prepared for the challenge.

Have An Idea?

MedFire Innovations can help those with great ideas turn them into reality. MedFire is where Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Public Safety Professionals, Veterinarians, and the like, come to move their ideas from the drafting table to the operating table, and from scratch paper to the field.

Our network team of experts can help with Feasibility Studies, Concept Development, Designing for Manufacturing, Small Batch Prototype Production, Verification and Validation Testing, FDA Clearance and Approval, and Intellectual Property and Branding. Please contact our team if you have the next great idea, or you need further assistance with a current project or device.

We Help Those Who Are In The Business Of Helping Others™

Our Innovations & Projects

MedFire Innovations is here to assist you with your ideas, innovations, and projects. Please visit “Our Innovations” page to see just a few examples of our work and capabilities.

If you are ready to move forward with your innovative idea or project, please click on our TRL (Technology Readiness Level) button below to get a quick snapshot of your readiness to move forward.

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