The Past (the Lead Up)

Long before we began our journey into the world of developing and manufacturing products for the medical, healthcare, and public safety industries, “we” were just a one man show. Our founder was working within the healthcare and fire service world and found there were problems with certain aspects within these worlds. He was determined to find easy, and simple solutions to these problems. He developed a solution to a long-standing problem in the pre-hospital world, and from this idea and solution, the idea to create our company, MedFire Innovations, was born.

It was through of the development and production of our first product, we found the true value in developing relationships with those who were the absolute best in design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. It took an enormous amount and effort to research and track down the best in their respective fields.   It was during these early years, we started to grow a network of valuable resources, established a set of core values, and started to develop a team of professionals that was second to none. MedFire Innovations was born with a single idea and growing into a company.


The Present (Here & Now)

On (place date here), 2016, MedFire Innovations, Incorporated was formed in the State of California, and significant research and development of our initial – first roll out of products began.  Since this time, MedFire Innovations has developed, manufactured, and brought to market our own products as well as, products developed by others through a development collaboration with MedFire Innovations.  We currently hold eight (8) United States Patents, and two Registered United States Trademarks, with additional products in the pipeline, and additional patents pending. Additionally, MedFire is an FDA Registered company.

We are also in the process of growing our overall capabilities and are rapidly growing our Team. The MedFire Team is developing outstanding relationships in all areas of the product development spectrum such as product development and design, electrical, mechanical, and bioengineering, manufacturing, and marketing just to name a few. We are collaborating with multiple individuals developing new and exciting products, and we are currently expanding our company divisions to accommodate our company’s short- and long-term goals.


Our Future

MedFire Innovations is looking to the future in both the short and long term. We want the future to be a place where every person has access to medical technology and medical products that can improve their health. We envision a future where those who have the next great idea or concept come to us to help develop and make these ideas into realities. We envision a future where Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Public Safety Professionals, Veterinarians, and the like, come to move their ideas from the drawing table to the operating table, from the scratch paper, to the field. A future that is only limited to one’s imagination. This is the future of MedFire Innovations.