Product Facts


Path-O-Wrap® is a thin – light weight – surface barrier protection product. Path-O-Wrap currently comes in two different size rolls: 24” x 82” and 34” x 82”. Each roll has 30 individual sheets that are perforated every 82”. Path-O-Wrap is sold by the case. Each case of Path-O-Wrap contains 10 individual rolls. Path-O-Wrap is sold by the pallet for larger orders. Each pallet contains 10 cases (100 individual rolls).



When used in a proper infection control protocol, ASTM tested, Path-O-Wrap® sheets prevent the penetration of blood, bodily fluids, viruses, bacterium, and fungi to protected surfaces. This prevents the cross contamination process from occurring with the most commonly contacted patient transport and treatment surfaces. Path-O-Wrap is a very simple, effective and inexpensive product.

Materials & Testing

Path-O-Wrap is made from a lightweight polyethylene material, with an applied adhesive that provides a strong surface contact without leaving residue after removal. Path-O-Wrap X-ray translucent; is impervious to fluids, and has been tested by an independent microbiology laboratory. Path-O-Wrap has passed ASTM Method F-1670 for Blood Penetration; and ASTM Method F-1671 for Viral Penetration.

Reliability & Applications

Path-O-Wrap is simple to use, and easy to apply. Path-O-Wrap can be applied on many different devices including; hospital bed mattresses, ambulance gurney mattresses, wheelchair pads, spinal immobilization backboards, soft immobilizing devices, patient cots used by specialized units, mobile hospitals and clinics, and disaster assistance teams. Clear Path-O-Wrap can be applied to defibrillators, mobile data tablets, and more. Path-O-Wrap is easily removed from these items without leaving a sticky residue.