Letter from our Founder, Gregory Christmas


Dear Friends,

I am a retired Fire Captain and Paramedic. I started MedFire Innovations because I realized there is a real need to help find simple solutions to some of the most challenging problems found when working on the front lines of emergency service. Many times those of us who serve on the front lines in healthcare, science and medicine, and in every aspect of public safety, we encounter problems we have never faced before, and we must find immediate solutions to ensure we get the job done effectively, and most importantly, safely.

When I started out in my career long ago, as part of my job, I was a times tasked with cleaning backboards, gurney mattresses, hospital beds, and other related equipment. I quickly realized that many time, and hard as I would try, I just could not get a surface completely clean because of the inherent nature of the surface, or because of the real need to get a piece of equipment into service because of an immediate need. I also stared to realize I was being exposed to some harsh cleaning disinfectants, and this to was of great concern. I thought to myself, there must be a better way to clean and protect surfaces in the healthcare and front-line medical settings. Because of this, my first product, Path-O-Wrap® was born.

I developed my first product to help protect the patient, and the provider from cross-contamination, and to help protect the surface from unnecessary wear and tear. It was through the development process of bringing this product to market, I realized the information I gathered regarding the designing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing of this product, there were most likely others who have ideas that might find this information helpful as well. From this process, the Company – MedFire Innovations was born.

MedFire Innovations is now a company completely dedicated to helping bring new products and services to life in the healthcare and public safety industries. We are an FDA Registered company, and we have partnered with some of the industries best developers, designers, engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, packaging, and marketing experts. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide a broad range of services to support medical device development to include Class 1 to Class III devices, and to support the development of front-line duty equipment used by public safety personnel and first-responders.

This company was started to help “Protect Those Who Are in The Business of Protecting Others™” and this statement still serves as the foundation of our company.

Gregory Christmas