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Thank you for visiting our “Innovations” page. Below you will find just some of the products our company, and our customers have developed with the assistance of MedFire Innovations, Inc. If you or your company is interested in pricing or purchasing any of these products and devices, or you are interested in developing a product or device, please contact us with your inquiry.

RecoPad Diaper
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The Recopad was designed for dependent patients; those patients with difficulties providing samples by themselves (i.e. elderly patients, physically disabled, and patients with any cognitive disease) who require constant urinalysis. The Recopad is a comfortable, non-invasive device able to collect a urine sample directly from a specially designed diaper, without filtering or altering the chemical composition, to perform a precise urine analysis.

Path-O-Wrap Product
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Path-O-Wrap® is a laboratory tested – thin, clear polyethylene shield that adheres to the surface of a hospital mattress, ambulance gurney mattress, and other devices to provide a sanitary surface barrier, thereby preventing patients, and healthcare professional from exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. Path-O-Wrap has also shown to increase the life of gurney mattress from damage caused by normal wear and tear during routine use.


Path-O-Cap is a patent pending unique, disposable single use “CAP” developed in response to the need to reduce hospital acquired infections and the spread of potentially harmful pathogens and bacteria. Contamination of high-touch surfaces such as mattresses, beds and bed rails can be reservoirs of pathogens, and they can play a role in the transmission of potentially harmful pathogens to patients and staff in the healthcare setting. Cleaning of such surfaces is one key factor in the prevention or transmission of such pathogens. Path-O-Cap assists healthcare workers to demonstrate proof of environmental cleaning compliance and to immediately identify clean or soiled beds, mattresses, and gurneys.

Self Pap


The Self-Pap for cervical cancer sampling device was designed as a lower-cost, easy-to-use and effective device for women to collect samples necessary to identify this threatening cancer. This device was also developed for use in parts of the world where cultural barriers make such testing difficult if not impossible, and where medical treatment and clinics are limited, or they are geographically remote and difficult to access.

Williams Key
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The Williams Key is an emergency (passive entry) device used by First Responders to gain quick access into buildings and houses. The purpose of the device is to toggle the strike of a lock without doing damage to the lock, door, or frame. It works well on gates with anti-vandal plates, elevator control rooms, commercial utility doors and many other outward swinging metal and wood doors. This device was developed in response to the need by first responders to gain access to locked areas, without having to damage or destroy property in the process of gaining emergency access.

Sere Tool
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The SERE survival tool is a one-of-a-kind hybrid multi-functioning quick response tool designed for use by firefighters and paramedics, search and rescue teams, law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel. This unique device provides the user with multiple tools in one. This “tool system” has interchangeable features that can be used and tailored to the mission, task, or environment, using precision components that delivers speed to the operator with multi-functional capability.