Contamination of high-touch surfaces such as mattresses, beds, and bed rails can be reservoirs of pathogens, and they can play a role in the transmission of potentially harmful pathogens to patients and staff in the healthcare setting.

ECRI has recognized the risk of cross-contamination through mattresses as their #2 technology hazard for 2019.  Their recommendation is that healthcare facilities use appropriate products and procedures to ensure clean and disinfected mattress covers.

Path-O-Cap™ assist healthcare workers to demonstrate proof of environmental cleaning compliance and to immediately identify clean or soiled beds, mattresses, and gurneys.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects the environment from the airborne pathogens related to soiled, contaminated beds and surfaces as they are moved throughout the facility
  • Helps to ensure a cleaned mattress, bed frame or gurney remain as clean as possible and is ready for use
  • Cover acts as a deterrent for unoccupied beds in patient rooms- ensuring that no one sits on or places items on a clean bed or mattress
  • Allows healthcare staff to quickly identify clean vs. soiled beds
  • Protects beds, mattresses, and gurneys from dust and debris while in storage
  • Available in three colors: green, red and clear
    – Green for CLEAN
    – Red for SOILED
    – Clear for UNCERTAIN
  • Quick and easy – applied in seconds
  • Disposable, single use
  • Patent pending