ECRI Top 10 Technology Hazard:
“Clean” Mattresses Can Ooze Body Fluids onto Patients™

All the items on the ECRI list represent problems that can be avoided or risks that can be
minimized through the careful management of technologies. With the additional content provided in the full report, the list serves as a tool that healthcare facilities can use to effi ciently and effectively manage the risks1

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How Path-O-Cap and Path-O-Wrap Can Help

ECRI MedFire
Blood and other body fl uids that remain on, or within, mattresses or mattress covers after cleaning can contact subsequent patients, posing an infection risk. Reported incidents include patients lying on an apparently clean bed or stretcher when blood from a previous patient oozed out of the surface onto the patient. Path-O-Wrap provides a two way barrier between the mattress surface and the patient. Path-O-Cap ensures the bed (frame and mattress) remains clean for the next patient.
Mattress covers are intended to prevent body fl uids and other contaminants from getting into mattresses. If a cover is not cleaned / disinfected effectively, or if its integrity is compromised in a way that allows the mattress underneath to become contaminated, subsequent patients could be exposed to infectious materials. Path-O-Cap allows facilities to quickly identify mattresses that have been cleaned and disinfected and can prevent possible environmental contamination by covering the surface and preventing airborne contaminates and preventing patients or visitors from sitting on a clean mattress.
Healthcare facilities must take care to use appropriate products and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting mattress covers, and they should regularly inspect mattresses and covers for signs of damage or contamination. Path-O-Wrap provides a thin barrier over the mattress, thus allowing a facility to use cleaning agents that will not directly affect the surface of the mattress
Not all mattress cover suppliers recommend products and procedures that will successfully remove the likely surface contaminants without compromising the cover’s integrity (i.e., creating weak spots that could allow leaks). This situation needs to be remedied. Products required to effectively remove surface contaminants can be used on the Path-OWrap without harming it. In addition, application of Path-O-Wrap will help to reduce the down time between mattress cleaning and patient use.