Path-O-Cap™ – One Bag, Red


  • One Bag
  • 10 caps per bag ($5.25 per cap)
  • Approximately 45” x 94” x 20”
  • Red
  • Elastic band bottom
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Standard 5 - 20 10 %
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Path-O-Cap™ is a patent-pending unique, disposable single-use “CAP” developed in response to the need to reduce hospital-acquired infections and the spread of potentially harmful pathogens. It is an FDA Registered Class 1 device. Path-O-Cap protects the environment from airborne pathogens related to soiled, contaminated beds and surfaces as they are moved throughout a facility. It helps to ensure a cleaned mattress, bed deck or gurney remain as clean as possible and is ready for use. Path-O-Cap acts as a deterrent for unoccupied beds in patient rooms – ensuring that no one sits on or places items on a clean bed or mattress. It allows healthcare staff to quickly identify clean vs. soiled beds through color-coded CAP’s (Green – clean / Red – soiled). Path-O-Cap is quick and easy to apply and remove. Disposable, single-use.

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10 caps per bag


45” x 94” x 20”




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