Path-O-Wrap® – Six Large Roll 34” x 82” with Full Adhesive Backing


  • Six Rolls
  • 30 sheets per roll. 180 total sheets.
  • Large roll 34” x 82”
  • Full adhesive backing
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Path-O-Wrap® is patented, innovative surface and barrier protection product. It is an FDA Registered Class 1 device. Path-O-Wrap is a laboratory ASTM tested – thin, clear polyethylene shield that adheres to the surface of hospital mattresses, ambulance gurney mattresses, and other devices to provide a sanitary surface barrier. Path-O-Wrap prevents the penetration of blood, bodily fluids, virus, and bacterium through the barrier to the surface it is applied. It comes in two sizes 24” wide x 82” long x 30 sheets per roll, or, 34” wide x 82” long x 30 sheets per roll (each roll comes in 30 perforated sheets). Path-O-Wrap come in two adhesive style backings. (Full adhesive backing throughout the entire sheet surface, or, “zone-coated”  backing that has adhesive applied to each of the sizes approximately 6” wide per side.

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180 total sheets

Sheet Size

34” x 82”

Adhesive Backing

Full adhesive backing


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Path-O-Wrap® Barrier Protection from Dangerous Pathogens on: EMS boards, Hospital Gurneys, EMS gurneys, DMAT Cots, Forming Spinal Immobilization Boards & Folding Spinal Immobilization Boards