Startups & Entrepreneurs

MedFire Innovations, Incorporated was founded because one person wanted to help those who help others, and it is on this statement Protecting Those Who Are In The Business Of Protecting Others” our company stands. Since our beginning, we have made it our mission to help bring to market the ideas that will help make our world a better and safer place. To develop ideas that protect patients and patient care providers. We can do this because we have assembled a team partners that are dedicated to helping make ideas become reality.

MedFire Innovations helps not only those who are Doctors and Scientists, Nurses, Firefighters, EMT’s & Paramedics, and other allied health and public service professionals. We also help Startup companies and Entrepreneurs who have come up with the next great idea.  We believe some of the best ideas come from those who work in a wide array of industries and specialties. MedFire helps transform ideas into safe, profitable, and innovative medical products and products related to the public safety industries. We do this through a rapid and systematic design process. We can provide a broad range of service to support medical device development, which includes Class I to Class III devices.

We also support product development of non-related medical devices that support those who work in the public safety industry such as fire department, and rescue personnel; products that help those who work directly in the field. Startup companies and Entrepreneurs that have found the next great idea will find value in the services we can provide. From design, to engineering and integration, to testing and transfer, we will work with you at any phase of the design process. Whether you are seeking to improve an existing device or to develop a completely device, we are prepared for the challenge.


MedFire Innovations can provide a full range of services to help in the design and development of your device. Our full range of services include: